Every January I see a huge spike in traffic on this blog as the new year gets people thinking about change. Yes, that’s right – if you have searched “quit drinking” and found this blog, you are not alone. I want you to meet the most amazing group of people: the readers of UnPickled.

I’m asking the readers of this blog to comment below and “tell us how you did it”. Most of us come to the idea of sobriety believing that we are different from other people with alcohol problems. Often the stigma of alcohol addiction has us thinking that alcoholics are bums in the park, not soccer moms and business executives and school teachers.

Most especially, people seem curious to know if it is possible to quit drinking without joining a program or going to detox. The answer is yes, many can self-manage recovery successfully – especially those have recognized the need to change before life becomes unmanageable (sometimes called a “high bottom”) and who have lots of personal support, are surrounded by healthy relationships, and who haven’t experienced major trauma (not my opinion, I heard that on the Dr. Drew podcast).

That said, there are many different pathways to recovery and the greatest gift you will receive through the process is getting to know other people just like yourself who totally understand you and listen without judgement. Guess where you meet these wonderful folks? Yep, in recovery groups. (There are more programs to choose from than you may realize. Check out the links at the sidebar.) Many people in recovery make a point of helping others who are new to sobriety because being of service helps keep us strong. The warm willingness of others is astounding and frankly a huge relief after struggling alone for so long.
Gently, I suggest this: try anything to get sober – alone, with a program, online support, anything – but if that doesn’t work, don’t give up. There are many other ways  and one of them will be a fit for you, so be open minded and prepared to try another way. You are worth the effort and you will LOVE how much better it feels to be free of this burden.
Readers, would you be so kind as to share a few words? What would you like to say to someone who is searching today? Tell us how you did it. Tell us why you did it. Tell us if you’re glad you did. And maybe let us know how you differ from the stigma of the bum in the park!
2014 looms ahead all bright and shiny and full of possibility. Let’s help one another make this a Truly. Happy. New. Year.