New and a Little Scary

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I’ve been on tv and radio for my work hundreds of times, and recorded oodles of Bubble Hour episodes these past years. Even so, today was still nerve wracking.

I just did a Facebook live video to promote an upcoming Bubble Hour episode with the creators of a subscription box for people in recovery.

If you feel like spending ten minutes watching a sober sister talking, or if you’re struggling and you just want to see another human who is in this recovery thing along with you, or if you’re wondering what my living room looks like, please watch:

What have you done lately that was out of your comfort zone? Were you happy with the results? Will you do it again?


  1. Jean, I’ll never be able to express what you have given me in recovery. But I can easily answer the core question in this post. Recently I attended a She Recovers retreat in Bali. Visiting a whole other country on my own to spend 8 days with women I’d never met was a fair way out of my comfort zone! And since then I’ve hit ‘publish’ on two blog posts of my own which is pretty uncomfortable. You’re gorgeous and inspiring and I thank you!

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  2. Firstly – I was so excited to see this video after hearing you on the Bubble Hour for so long – so thank you for your bravery in taking the step to record it. And just look at you, Jean – you are SHINING! What an amazing demonstration in action of the gifts of recovery. So damn proud of you for doing this.

    The boxes both looked like great resources for people in recovery. I am so glad new tools like this are becoming available. It was lovely to watch your pleasure in finding each item. You also gave out details some valuable extra resources as you went along, so thanks for those too.

    I hope you used all of your self care skills after making this video in case you felt a little wobblesome?! Big hugs and a huge cheer from England! PRIM XX

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  3. That was great Jean ! You always have such inspiring words for us and to have you delivering them this time made it all the more special. At Day 439 I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone much more. My main plan was to just say yes this summer. If someone suggested an activity, I just said OK, when do we go? I have to admit that there were a few anxious moments, but in the end, I had a great summer. It helped that it was so hot out! I didn’t say yes to much in my old life. Next on my list-I’d like to do something like the SheRecovers trip to NYC-which I chickened out on. Hope there’s another one soon!

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