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  1. I’m so glad to find this blog! I feel that there is some hope. I have been trying unsuccessfully for the last 4 months. 1 step forward and 2 steps back. My dear husband and 2 kids (18 and 21) are at the end of their rope. Lying deceit and broken promises. I so want to get to the other side of this nightmare. I so want to live happily without alcohol.


  2. Happy New Year! And it is a NEW Year:) It was the discovery of the Bubble Hour that got me on track to making a decision to change the chaos that my drinking life had become. It wasn’t fun anymore but I couldn’t stop. Lonely, sad, bloated, depressed and so not content. But I kept drinking to numb out and not face it. The ladies on the Bubble Hour spoke the words I couldn’t and didn’t even know, but when I heard them…they were me. I swore off AA meetings years ago, but now I go to 2 womens AA meetings a week and I look forward to them! Just celebrated 28 days without alcohol. Im on this journey and glad to not have to go it alone anymore. Alone I failed. Now I feel hope. God Bless all who journey this road as well.


  3. Hello,

    My name is Laura and I read a couple of your articles and think they are great! I represent Awakenings for Women in Boca Raton and wanted to reach out and share some of our articles and blog material with you. We have over 20 plus years in the treatment industry and we write content about drug abuse and alcohol addiction. I would love to inquire about providing content to you for a link feature on your website. Please let me know who I can speak to about this.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon,



  4. I have stopped drinking many times; for a year, few months, weeks. Now I seem to be in this pattern of drinking wine about every 4 or 5 days. I live alone and work at home. I start drinking whenever I feel like it. Always 3/4 bottle of wine, no more or less. I have said to myself so many times, “that’s it, I’m not drinking anymore!’ and then within a week I seem to have amnesia and buy some wine. I don’t trust my word and I don’t really know how to quit now. I do not relate to AA, Most people don’t think I have a problem. I know about scheduling my days, exercising, eating well, making plans etc to avoid being alone and I am doing this more. I just joined a gym. But how do I really, really commit and follow through??

    Thank you for any comments and suggestions.


  5. I just discovered this site and part of me wants to stop drinking, and part of me loves to drink. I’m conflicted and don’t know how to “want to” stop. Any advice?


    • Hi Katie,

      It sounds like you are awakening to the idea that something is not quite right. I wrote about the “stages of change” in this post and if you read that you might identify as moving from precontemplation to contemplation, and you are asking how to get from there to preparation. I encourage you to dig into “contemplation” – think about the benefits of living alcohol free, take not of the compromises you are making for the sake of alcohol, list the pros and cons of continuing to drink and of stopping, and read read read everything you can. Talk to people in recovery, so you know what it is really like. I thought it would be boring and sad, but it is the opposite. Drinking wine alone now seems boring and sad, while being alcohol free gives me back the choices and options I had sacrificed for the sake of numbing out alone at night. Spend some time envisioning the person you want to be in one, five, ten, twenty years from now, and honestly consider if booze will bring you closer or further from that vision. Keep in touch, and ask me and these readers anything.


  6. Thanks so much for recommending our documentary, “My Name Was Bette: The Life and Death of an Alcoholic” as a Must-See Recovery Documentary, Unpickled! 🙂 We love your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for the fast reply,made it through another day,some family problems nearly pushed me a beer,but deep breaths,and diet soda got me by,I’m quite a private person,and don’t know if a meeting with other people would help,so hoping that posting on this site will help.


  8. Second day of not drinking,have tried before,but when I woke up yesterday,seemed to have the right mindset to do it,drinking about 6 to 8 beers a day,do have a lot of problems at moment,thinking drinking was helping,but of course it’s not,so I’m going to have a real go of not drinking,don’t really have no one to talk to,so it’s been nice to read the blogs on hereaaa


    • Hi Andy, I’m glad you’re here. You are so right that drinking makes things worse, not better. At the very least it prolongs problems, because we have to deal with them eventually. Going alcohol-free will give you more clarity and strength to face the world head-on. It’s important to find people to talk to who are in the same boat, it increases your chances of success exponentially. That’s what meetings and programs are for – please consider checking some out. And keep posting and interacting here – there’s a wealth of knowledge in the brilliant readers who comment back and forth! I love this community and learn so much from every comment. Thank you for making UnPickled part of your sober efforts. Keep us all posted on your progress and all you learn along the way!


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