New Year, New Beginnings

The Pivot by Jean McCarthy

I wrote this poem for anyone on the brink of change. New Year’s Eve is a time of fresh starts. If you are embarking on a new beginning, whatever it may be, this is for you.

Please feel free to save the poem below – click the image to download it or screen shot the page (but please don’t crop out my name as author – thank you!).

If you know someone who might be encouraged by these words, please send them on.

Happy New Year, everyone!

The Pivot - a poem by Jean McCarthy
The Pivot by Jean McCarthy

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Love poems about recovery? Know someone who could use a little boost? The Ember Ever There is a collection of poems I wrote about all the stages I’ve gone through in my recovery journey – from grief to growth.


  1. Thankyou Jean. When I gave up drinking nine years ago I was unsure how this would play out. Countless times I had tried for a night, a few days,a week but always caved in. But it is now all in the past. Your posts and your readers were my buddies and my light. Nine years of amazing blessings. To all of those people who are starting out on this journey, go back to Jean’s first posts and read the comments from 2012/13/14/15………You will be inspired.

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  2. It’s so wonderful to see someone writing poetry in this day and age. Your poem reminds me of something remarkable I once read, which is that the word that has been the most poorly translated in the bible is, “repent.” The original word ACTUALLY meant, “pivot” or “re-orient.” Isn’t that fascinating?? So, your poem has a lot of spiritual meaning and is right on, IMHO! Finally, I’d like to add that you are more or less single-handedly responsible for me having attained 3.5 years of sobriety. I can never thank you enough for your service to the world.

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  3. Thank you for this beautiful and empowering poem! I am on my millionth day 2 but feel much hope in my heart and gratitude ❤️ Thank you 🙏


  4. In January 2021, I gave myself the best gift ever: sobriety. You helped me along the way with your podcasts, your poems, your example… Thank you. Happy New Year.


  5. Thank you Jean. You are a true inspiration. I have been struggling off and on to quit drinking. I know that I feel much better sober, but somehow I am still drawn back to my drinking lifestyle. I plan to give it up again in January. I find that listening to podcasts such as yours, working out and attending AA meetings help me. Keeping busy is key!
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2022!
    Laura in Edmonton

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