I got through last night thanks to one vitamin water, diet ginger ale, mint tea, water, more stinkin tea, a handful of cheezies, two oranges, more water and finally a melatonin to put me to sleep.  When it was really getting to me, I did 30 minutes on the eliptical and gave myself some “FUN!” choices with the oranges – I peeled them instead of cutting them. Wow, good times. (I caught my husband looking at my mug a little funny, like he expected maybe I had my wine in a mug instead of a glass. He does not know I have quit drinking and must be wondering where my ever present wine glass has gone.)

Like I said, I’ve made it to this point a few times before.  It’s pretty easy to remember not to drink when on a quiet weeknight, especially with no white wine in the house. No stress (big trigger), company (must be a good hostess!), or celebrations (how can you celebrate with herbal tea?).

The real challenge will come this weekend.  We are off on a family ski trip and that means beer served at lunch (which I usually resist anyhow), 4 pm happy hour, which leads into wine with dinner, and nightcaps in the hottub.  Usually a ski weekend means I have 6 or 8 drinks a day, instead of my usual 3 to 5.

My husband always contends that as long as you pace yourself at 1 drink per hour, you don’t get drunk.  This is true, I find. I would normally drink wine from about 5 pm – 11 pm, and could easily enjoy 5 glasses and not be drunk.

Just pickled.

It should be noted that when my husband mentions this 1/hour guideline, he is referring to having a light beer or two on the golf course, and not my evening marinade.

I have been planning two trips – a romantic weekend away with my husband in May and a girls’ getaway in June.  Both have me anxious about maintaining my cover as a new secret NON DRINKER. How is THAT going to fly? Romantic weekends mean candlelit dinners (with wine) and jazz music (and wine) and wine and wine and more wine. Girls weekends mean cocktails and laughter.

And I don’t want to stop them from enjoying that. I don’t.  It is going to take a lot of strength to learn to be around open alcohol and not have it. To be handed and drink and not drink it.

Strategies, anyone?  Remember, I don’t want to make a big “I’m not drinking” announcement, and don’t want to be a fun-sucker. For now, I’d rather it go unnoticed.