Happy Friday, everyone.

What are you doing this weekend to support your alcohol-free lifestyle? I’m supposed to be working on my year-end accounting but the doorbell rang and a box of books arrived (or a books of box, as I flubbed up in the video).

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Otherwise, I’ll be enjoying a quiet house while my husband is away at the Grey Cup celebrations (that’s the BIG GAME in the Canadian Football League, and I don’t even know who is playing).

I’ll be busy doing the much-hated bookkeeping, editing some special holiday episodes of The Bubble Hour that I’m super excited about, and watching season two of Succession (so good!). I should probably plan something “people-y” to do on Sunday because a quiet weekend sounds lovely when it starts but often feels lonely before it’s over.

My Christmas tree is up and I’m eager to start planning the gifts to buy and make. I have a vinyl cutter and can create custom t-shirts and water bottles, etc., which is quite a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll make something for myself! If you want to lose a few hours, head over to youtube and search “custom vinyl projects”. You will realize that your life has not been complete without a cutting machine.

Speaking of YouTube, I will likely also spend some time watching instructional curling videos this weekend. I’ve been curling for 30 years now and I am a strong intermediate player. Recently, however, I joined a seniors league. It seems that being the youngest player on the ice (at 52!) is an invitation for the old-timers to mansplain the game to me. It was cute at first, kind of fatherly. But after the 6th or 7th time it happened, I’d had enough. I more than hold my own on the ice and need to consider how to set some boundaries. Meanwhile, I’ll watch a little Curling Canada and lock in what I already know.

I’m also working on a project with my mom, who wanted to create a recipe book for the grandkids. This is volume two and will include photos of the older relatives and their family recipes. For a sneak peek and a cool story about it, visit my Instagram page.

So it seems that my sober weekend is not exciting or splashy, but it will be productive, creative, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Have a great weekend!