UnPickled Readers’ Survey

It’s official. After 23 consecutive days of posting, I am sick of my own words. So I shall turn it over to you, friendly readers.

Please enjoy some quiet moments of reflection as you take this completely anonymous survey. I will compile the results and share them in the days to come:



  1. I am enjoying your blog, such a succinct and thoughtful writer. I have had no alcohol for 3 days and plan to get on with this. I couldnt stand myself, the bad decisions, feeling like crap, more bad decisions, depression. Thankful for your blog.

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  2. Absolutely love what you write… Helped me no end and so interesting! 10 days only in recovery but you remind me of me.

    Thank you for writing great honest stuff

    Sarah Cobner x


    • Thank you for stopping by and a HUGE “wahoooooo!” for your 10+ days. The first few weeks are the hardest, scariest part so keep going and don’t look back. You are doing a wonderful thing for yourself. Life with this freedom from alcohol’s hold is a beautiful thing!


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