Happy Thanksgiving, Eh?

Better Together!It’s Thankgsiving Day here in Canada so I thought I’d pop in quickly to share how sincerely grateful I am for each and everyone one of you who reads, comments, shares, asks, answers, challenges, celebrates, encourages and connects through this blog. It’s an honour to share this path with you.

Everything is better with friends – especially recovery! Here is how I would fill out today’s gratitude board:

Today I’m Grateful For…

1. Another day of freedom and peace in my life

2. The crazy idea to blog my way sober

3. Each and every person reading these words.

Wherever you are, whenever your celebrate this holiday, and however you celebrate it, I wish you the best!
(If this time of year is hard on you, reach out!)


  1. I love your blog. Been reading it a couple months. I am now 5 days sober and feel very strong. No cravings, surprisingly. Reading Alan Carr’s book – and he has helped me realize that alcohol is nothing but poison. I have been drinking poison for 30 years. Lucky to be alive. Thank you for contributing to my recovery. There is a special place in heaven for you.


    • Welcome to day 6! I found the early days to be the hardest, and that was what helped me realize how serious it was to keep going. I am glad you are doing well and so happy that this page is helping to inspire you. It is an honour to do this together!


      • Day 7 now – surprising myself! Tomorrow night is Halloween – on a Saturday! Those, “I can have one or two then stop” thoughts are creeping in, but I know that’s a lie. Besides, why do I want to have one or two glasses of POISON?! I lost 2 pounds this week, have been waking up refreshed and guilt free, can remember what I did the night before – trying to focus on the benefits! Saturday will be my first AF “holiday” for as long as I can remember. So, Sunday will be my first hangover-free day following a holiday for as long as I can remember! Maybe I’ll actually remember the holiday for a change! Thanks again.


        • Congratulations on ONE WEEK!!! Yay!! I will be sober with you tomorrow night – laughing with the cute kids who come to our door and not worrying if I seem like a scary old drunk to them! On Sunday morning, reward yourself with a trip to the bakery for a latte and an almond croissant, or some other special treat because you will deserve it and you will feel GREAT however you choose to celebrate your sober success!


  2. I am 195 days AF and I feel great. However, I must admit that I’m a bit nervous about an upcoming business trip. This will be my first sober work conference and it’s in Las Vegas (of all places!). I don’t want to ever drink again and I have done so well up until now. How do I handle the temptation that I’m sure will be all around me?


    • Hi CoCo, I hope I am not to late to be helpful with planning your business trip. First, remind yourself that you don’t drink under any circumstances. (Some people, without realizing it, haven’t really made that commitment to themselves.) Then, pack yourself a bag of treats, comforts, and goodies to turn your hotel room into your safe “bubble” – a retreat space that you can get away to and safely enjoy yourself if Vegas becomes too much. Vegas hotel rooms are notoriously sparse, I’m told because they want you down in the casino. So know that you will need to bring extra things like a kettle, coffee, tea and hot chocolate packets, your favourite mug, bubble bath, magazines, nail polish, snacks – I would make one entire bag my “bubble bag” if I were you! Make sure you have an exit strategy for any events you go to – do what you have to do but only stay as long as you feel safe and comfortable. If things get too tempting, cab it back to your bubble! Treat yourself as if you are babysitting a 12 year old on the trip – what would you do to keep a niece or little sister safe on a trip like that? Look for fun activities, non-booze focussed, spend some money if you need to, be proactive. You are worth all the extra effort!


      • Unpickled,
        Thank you for the reply. You’re advise is invaluable. I fly out tomorrow and just knowing that I have a plan (and a backup plan) has really helped. I can feel the anxiety lifting. I might have to check an extra bag at airport but I will have everything I need to create a safe bubble. I can do this!


  3. Im not sure how it came about that I found “The Bubble Hour.” I started searching for things a few weeks ago. For myself, for a friend?? The “Bubble Hour” has since brought me to Unpickled and I am just wondering how it is that you got into “my head.” I feel like every post was written for me. Every word you write seems to be something that I have thought over the past few years. I think it might be my time. My turn to take back my life and try to be the person I want to be. A sober me. A better me. I’m not sure where I go from here. I have been reading and listening to anything and everything I can get my hands on. I have gone to a few Al-Anon meetings to help deal with an alcoholic in my life. However, I am seeing myself in all the stories that are being told in these meetings. They are talking about me, sort of. Like you, I haven’t hit my rock bottom but I think I might be on my way. So you are telling me life can still be fun? I can still laugh and deal with all of the b.s. that is thrown my way? You are telling me that I can handle life without a chaser? Hmmmm? Interesting.


    • I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for posting! Yes, I promise life IS fun. It takes a bit to recalibrate after convincing ourselves for years that booze made life better, but once the fog clears oh man, is it good! You won’t regret the change – I wouldn’t go back to drinking for a million dollars!



      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Because of you, I felt I could and DID make it through my first Friday night in years without a drink. Your words and resources are so inspiring!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!! Very grateful!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for putting into words what I feel, what I need to hear and what helps me change direction in my thoughts and actions. The Bubble Hour and your blog have helped save my life. Truly. 53 days sober.


  5. Happy Thanksgiving Jean. Yours was the first blog I read a year and a half ago….it took me a whilr, almost a year to truly get free but now I’m in my 10th consecutive month living alcohol-free…thank you for all you do…you helped save my life.


  6. Thank you Jean for unpicked. You were my first ahh so Im not alone, crazy, a horrible person. Your blog set my journey in motion and I have been sober 14 months .

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