…and posting from my phone. Considering every text I send has multiple follow up corrections (“Sorry – that should say ‘paid’ not ‘laid'”) (“Oops my bad – that’s pm not am”) (“Sorry son I thought I was texting your father. Please try to unsee that eggplant emoji”). 

Anyway for those of you who are in your bubble on this Saturday night, taking care of yourself and staying sober despite all the Halloween party posts, I salute you! I spent the evening roasting pumpkins for baking and seasoning the seeds – an annual treat at our house. We ran out of candy (boo – none for us!) so it’s tea and movie time. Thought I’d high five all my sober pals here before curling up. 

Looking for something to pass your night? The other day I was a guest on the Since Right Now podcast with Chris, Jeff and Matt (okay Matt had the night off but I didn’t want to leave him out!) — have a listen to our conversation here: https://m.soundcloud.com/klen-and-sobr/episode-1542-jean-mccarthy-unpicked-the-bubble-hour

Now as I prepare to hit “post” I’m denying myself the (useless anyway) urge to scroll back over this teensy screen and look for glaring errors. I can’t see it anyway so this is really my idea of getting scared shitless on Halloween – posting something I haven’t proofed or edited. Welcome to the dark side!