Doing the Ill-Advised…

…and posting from my phone. Considering every text I send has multiple follow up corrections (“Sorry – that should say ‘paid’ not ‘laid'”) (“Oops my bad – that’s pm not am”) (“Sorry son I thought I was texting your father. Please try to unsee that eggplant emoji”). 

Anyway for those of you who are in your bubble on this Saturday night, taking care of yourself and staying sober despite all the Halloween party posts, I salute you! I spent the evening roasting pumpkins for baking and seasoning the seeds – an annual treat at our house. We ran out of candy (boo – none for us!) so it’s tea and movie time. Thought I’d high five all my sober pals here before curling up. 

Looking for something to pass your night? The other day I was a guest on the Since Right Now podcast with Chris, Jeff and Matt (okay Matt had the night off but I didn’t want to leave him out!) — have a listen to our conversation here:

Now as I prepare to hit “post” I’m denying myself the (useless anyway) urge to scroll back over this teensy screen and look for glaring errors. I can’t see it anyway so this is really my idea of getting scared shitless on Halloween – posting something I haven’t proofed or edited. Welcome to the dark side!


  1. Hi Jean,

    I loved the podcast. You’ve probably been the most relatable person I’ve come across in my sobriety and I can’t thank you enough for all your have contributed to the recovery community.


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  2. I can totally relate to checking and double checking everything for typos. I made it through a week in Las Vegas without drinking which is no small feat. The funny thing is the whole week I worried incessantly about a typo on my last post. Ugh! Perfectionism is a disease that’s so hard to cure. On the bright side worrying about the typo kept me from worrying about drinking. So all is well that ends well I guess. Lol!


  3. I thought I was the only one to have a problem with sobriety on Halloween. Even after 3 years. I love to see that others are experiencing the same issues that I have (unfortunately). I actually posted on my blog about Halloween while I was thinking about how I used to enjoy this day but now have other traditions (that I can actually remember!!). Please view my site at to see what we all have in common. Thanks for this post. Kathleen

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  4. Enjoyed your post. I attended a wedding, 2nd sober wedding, one urge to drink but it passed quickly enough. I danced the night away. Jean just want to let you know I passed 2 year sober on Friday. I can’t believe it, I never really thought I would get this far. So I am happy and proud. I am looking forward to staying on this bright path.

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  5. Your post looks great to me 🙂 And I’m sure that everyone who stayed in their sober bubble tonight appreciates getting your post. I know I do! Went and walked around an area of town known for some amazingly decorated houses – but also known for all the partying that goes with it. I swear 75% of the people had a drink in their hand and you could smell the beer just walking around. So hubby and I looked at some cool houses and then came home. It still made me a little envious that I couldn’t have one of those beers in my hand but now that I’m home watching a movie and didn’t open the door a crack for wolfie – I’m proud of myself for doing what’s right for me!

    New Chris 🎃

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  6. Thank you, I needed that. I avoided parties and stayed home to hand out the treats. Some of our neighbors are known to hand out beers or shots to the grownups accompanying their kids. Instead, I heated some apple cider in the crockpot. I feel a little bummed that I have to sequester myself right now, but I know it’s for the best.

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  7. Congrats, I didn’t see any errors in your post:). I had to respond bc I am just about to jump in my bathtub in a couple mins after we finish up the last couple thank-you’s from our wedding 2 weeks ago. We managed to get married, have a reception where people drank and went to Aruba on a honeymoon and we both stayed sober! And it wasn’t that hard! He hit three years in August, I hit one year in August. I had a friend ask me to go out with her tonight, the last place I want to be is a bar on an amateur night around drunk people. Gross. Cheers with my club soda!!

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