Psssst! In case you were wondering, here is where I sat while I wrote and posted this morning:

I’m in Mexico at the She Recovers retreat and it is just what I needed. Morning yoga on the rooftop over looking the ocean, beautiful nutritious meals, inspiring women in recovery  share this experience with, and long, quit moments of reflection. A few tears, many laughs.

A few of the women here have shared that this blog and/or The Bubble Hour have been among the tools they’ve used in their recovery. What an honour. And please know this: your comments have helped them as well. I share this honour with each of you, because the magic of this and every other recovery blog is in the exchange of ideas and support we share. It is one thing for a seeker to read my story and think, “Hey, that sounds like me – I am not the only one.” It is quite another thing for them to scroll down the page and read hundreds of others who feel the same. Suddenly they realize that there is hope, that they are not strange or alone, and that many others will shine a light.

We are all in this together. Maybe someday I’ll see you here on this beach, as well.


  1. Hello, I wanted to chime in and say I’m now 13 days (14 tomorrow) alcohol free. I found your blog and it got me thinking about quitting drinking. So have more to say, but have been wanting to comment for awhile. Thanks for what you are doing.


    • Happy 2 week milestone! This deserves a bit of celebration and I hope you will do something special for yourself today. I suggest a peppermint latter with whipped cream, or 14 carthweels in the sunshine, or maybe a special treat at dinner. Everyday is an accomplishment, and it is important to take the time to thank yourself for this wonderful gift of freedom and peace. Thanks for posting and joining us on this journey.


  2. Hey Jean 🙂 Ive gotten to know you through the bubble hour and now your blog and I just appravite you so much. I’m on Day 7 without alcohol. I have a sober pen pal and have been listening to sober audios. I’ve learned the importance of reaching out and building a sober support which is why I’m writing this today.

    My 31 yr old cousin died in a car wreck last Wednesday. It was a total shock. She was graduating college next week and getting married to probably one of the nicest ppl I’ve ever met. I know ppl tend to only remember the good about loved ones who have died but she was truly such a precious, sweet soul. It really hit me yesterday at her memorial and I’ve cried buckets of tears since. More for her parents, sister, brothers, and fiancé but still, it hurts. It puts things into perspective that only death can. Yesterday was so hard. I’m exhausted. I would normally try to “do it all” anyway when I got home this yesterday evening. You know-all the mom and wife stuff. Or I would drink wine. But instead, I got under the covers in my bed, cried some more, talked to my husband and wrote about what she meant to me. Told my husband I needed space and that he would need to get dinner. And also reminded him I was in no state to drive to the store bc even though I’m not craving, I know my brain. And my brain wants be numb right now. And I may make the decision, in a moment of intense grief, to say screw it. I deserve it. My cousin just died. I’m sure all my other family members are drinking at their homes. I can start over….you know the “drink now voice”.

    And so here I am this morning. Over a week ago I would’ve already been to the store to get wine, even at this early hour. I’m craving, a little. It’s not intense but I am craving some. It would only take a second for me to change my mind about this whole sobriety thing and I’m scared. I know of o can just get through it, I will not only be ok, I will be better. Just needed to say all that and hope that just by saying it and reaching out, I will stay sober.


    • I just happened to be holding my phones as you commented so you get an instant reply. A craving is your body & brain saying “Help, I’m uncomfortable!” And over time we condition ourselves to think booze is the only possible comfort. But that’s not true. Rub lotion on your feet. Do some gentle stretches. Take a nap or have a bath. Eat an orange. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds. Smell a baby’s head. Snuggle your dog. Brush your hair. Brush your teeth. You get the idea. 7 days!!! One whole week!! You’re doing great and you’re through the hardest part. Do the next right thing (hint: it will never be drinking!) and moment by moment you will continue to build a new life. I am so so sorry for your loss. Feel the feelings, allow the sadness to exist and you will move through your grief. Much love. You’re not alone.


    • Thanks! I plan to spend more time writing in the year(s) to come. I want to write books but I will always continuing blogging because the interaction with readers and other bloggers are thought-provoking and insightful exchanges that help me grow.


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