Big News

Little messages have a way of turning up if we pay attention. The other day, my tea bag whispered “be heard” just as I was thinking how much Iimage miss being on The Bubble Hour. It was the nudge I needed to send a few emails, sort out the details, and make a decision. Soon I was booking guests, brushing up on my studio skills, and recording interviews again.

It’s official. I am producing and hosting new Bubble Hour episodes and if you subscribe to the show you may have already heard my first interview with Kelly.

The down side is that the other 3 co-hosts, my dear friends Ellie, Amanda, and Catherine, are not able to participate just now. All of them are well and working their recovery, but don’t have the extra time required to be involved in the show. Ellie, the creative force behind the project, wants the podcast to continue and gave me her blessing to take it and run.

The Bubble Hour has 40,000 downloads a month, which is one per minute 24 hours a day. That’s a lot of listeners, and a lot of opportunities to help people.

It will be a new experience for me, doing the interviews on my own instead of with a team. There is a lot of other work involved that gives me appreaciation for everything Amanda and Ellie have been doing behind the scenes all these years – writing copy, updating all of the sharing sites and scheuling episodes. But I think it is worth the effort to keep the conversation going.

“Service” is one of the 12 Steps for a reason. Helping others boosts our own efforts to stay motivated and accountable in sobreity. I am sincerely honoured to do my part by encouraging others to share their stories.

I hope you will listen. For those interested, I’ll be posting updates on how you can be a guest on the show in the weeks to come, or contribute your story in writing. Stay tuned!



  1. It is so good to see happy faces of recovered people. My Name is Victor Tsan, MD and I am the medical director at the Philadelphia Addiction Center. At our center everyday we see people who successfully recovered. They become 10 years younger emotionally and physically as soon as they stop drinking. Their faces become bright and happy. I love my patients and I’m recover with each of them. Good luck to you beauties.


  2. I love the new one-on-one format! It’s so much easier to listen to and you get a better feel, I think, for the speaker’s story. I listened to Robin’s story yesterday and it moved me so much. The Bubble Hour is a life ring for me, just waiting for me to grab hold of what I need to survive. When Robin said, “I’m safe; I’m safe now.” I was kind of astonished, because I realized when I heard her say that, that it’s what I’m (literally) dying to feel. Thanks so much Jean, for taking the reins and carrying on for the rest of us. You are all angels and I’m beyond grateful for what you do.


  3. I really enjoy the Bubble Hour, but it’s always frustrating when I listen because the sound quality is so poor. As someone who records a podcast at home, I just wanted to suggest the Blue “Snowball” USB microphone — they’re under $100 and the sound quality is pretty good. Each person should have their own mic, and you should speak with your mouth pretty close to it. We record our show in Garage Band, which allow you to set the levels for each mic separately. Just some suggestions — I’d hate for people to miss out on a great message because the audio quality is so poor!


  4. Thank you Jean! The BH was my 90 in 90 and then some. Never would have made it without you. So glad to hear everyone is well! XO


  5. I am so happy the Bubble Hour is back! I have listened and relistened to many of the episodes and always learn so much. I enjoyed Kelli’s hopeful, positive story. Jean, thanks for listening to your “be heard” message and hosting the show. Your gifts of service …through this blog and the Bubble Hour keep me trucking down the sober road. Thank you!


  6. This is such WONDERFUL news Jean! Thank you so much for taking this on yourself. I have been listening to all the reruns and was beyond excited to hear your update message and Kelli’s story. The Bubble Hour is an amazing resource for anyone embarking on sobriety or maintaining or even just contemplating sobriety. I am not surprised there are so many downloads per month. And Jean your comments about looking forward to the day when living alcohol free is like wearing suncreen were just so on the money. Sending love and gratitude to you from New Zealand!


  7. Hi Jean,
    That is good news for everyone…I’ve been missing new podcasts from the Bubble Hour for a while now. I’ve listed to them all some more than once. You’ll do a great job I’m sure….


  8. This is awesome news! The Bubble Hour got me through a lot!! I listened to those podcasts over and over again. They kept me focused and on track. I learned a great deal about addiction and recovery. Knowledge is power!! Thank you so much for taking this on. Your contribution and service will be of value to so many! I look forward to listening.
    Blessings to you on this journey.


  9. I’m so glad that the Bubble Hour is continuing and that you’re hosting Jean. I’ve missed it and enjoy listening to the episodes while I’m putting on my make-up in the morning before work. Blessings


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