Challenge Accepted!

After more than three years of writing about my successful recovery journey from daily drinking to living alcohol-free, you may think I have run out of new insights to share. No one is more surprised than me that the opposite is true. My growth continues, new truths are regularly discovered as to my delight I find yet another way that the lessons of recovery pertain to so much more than what is in my glass.

At a time when I am inclined to sit back and cruise forward on autopilot, I am giving myself a nudge by signing up for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo and agreeing to post daily throughout November 2014. This is no small task, since UnPickled is a blog about revelations, truth, self-discovery and brutal honesty. The task of writing daily excites me; it’s the duty to reach deep inside for material that I find daunting.

So with a deep breath for courage, a slow exhale for reflection and a calendar with 30 spaces awaiting X’s, I turn to bravely face November 2014. As soon as the bowl of leftover Halloween candy is installed within reach on Saturday morning, I will be ready to start!


About UnPickled

I am learning to walk without the crutch of alcohol. As I begin I am 1 day sober. Gulp. I drank in private and hope to quit just as privately. The purpose of this blog is to help make me accountable - just by following you will give me enormous support and encouragement.

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  1. I just found this blog tonight and so glad I did. I have not had a drink for 18 months and came home from work with kind of a craving (bad day). So I stumbled upon this and have added it to my favorites. Looking forward to some good reading.


  2. Yay!! Very excited! Yours was the very first blog I found when I googled something about women and drinking…209 sober days ago!! Thank you for everything!!


  3. Can’t wait to see what you write. Big hugs !


  4. Signing up too! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me. 🙂


  5. I can’t wait to read your posts every day. What a treat! You have helped and inspired me so much. Annie x


  6. Newly sober and new follower of your blog. Your reputation precedes you, so I’m looking forward to reading your insights!


  7. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, as I’m struggling to get past Day 2. Lots of Day Ones – today being a new one. I am truly inspired by your story and your honesty, and am beginning my own journey of self-helping and healing. I hope to be brave enough to share my story with others someday. In the meantime, I’ll be following yours while writing mine. Thank you!


  8. I can’t wait to read your next blog!!!


  9. Looking forward to your posts. Have no doubt they will be wonderful, fun and inspiring.


  10. I am excited to read your daily posts! You are such an inspiration!


  11. I hit day 200 today. Your blog was one of the first I came across as I began my journey into sobriety. Your voice rang so true to my own experience and I am forever grateful. Looking forward to the next 30 days!


  12. Very awesome! Can’t wait to read your posts. On day 66 here, and I look forward to reading all of them! Your posts are very helpful, relatable and encouraging. Thanks and good luck! 🙂


  13. You are my inspiration at 88 days sober , looking forward to daily doses !


  14. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!! You were my rock in my first days, read everyone of your posts. Now on 54 days and going strong. Have also listened to a few Bubble Hour podcasts, so fun to hear your voice. Will be looking forward to being with you, sort of, in November! Thank you so much for comitting to this. 💗


  15. I will be looking forward to your posts!


  16. Barbara Brunlees

    I’m looking forward to reading each precious blog in every day of November! Yay!


  17. Yay! I love your blog!


  18. That’s exciting for us who get to read you! xxx


  19. Good luck with this endeavor. I wish you all the strength you have given me during my now 41 days sober!


  20. Wahoo! That means I get to read your posts! That makes me happy. 🙂 You helped me so much in my first DAY and onward (now I’m on 94). Thanks for what you put out into the world. It really helps this alcoholic mommy!


  21. Oooh I am really looking forward to a month of Unpickled!! 🙂


  22. Way to go! Looking forward to seeing what you share 🙂

    There is an informal WordPress group, a variant of one started last year, if you want to have an idea of others in the same boat as you 🙂


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