This is What Recovery Looks Like

jean and anne

Recovery looks like two friends having coffee in the sunshine.

Here I am with Anne ( as we hung out on my front steps after recording an episode of The Bubble Hour for y’all to enjoy.



  1. Wow, sobriety superstars right in my own area. I got very excited that you two were visiting in my area; I was thinking how cool it would be to see you in person. But then, I wouldn’t talk to you because I continue to struggle with the wine. I’m so glad that you have started up the Bubble Hour again, I loved the show with ainsobriety and can’t wait to hear more episodes. I have set myself the goal of getting some sobriety under my belt and contributing to the show. Might just look into yoga as well !


    • Where are you Sunflower?! Of course you would talk to us, silly! And you should šŸ™‚ it sounds like you could use a hug and some encouragement. I’d love to chat.



  2. You guys look awesome!!
    I can’t hear the bubble hour yet, but I will try to figure out how I can hear it.
    I wish you had closed caption, but I know that is a lot of extra money.


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