What’s So Funny About Recovery?

Have you listened to my guest appearance on Your Kick AA Life podcast? (click here) Host Andrea Owen and I trade stories of shame and denial, and we laugh throughout the whole thing. Not that cackling, mean-girl laugh. Not the nervous titters of shame, or shallow giggles of avoidance. It’s a different kind of laughter, an honest expression of joy in celebration of freedom from the burdens of the past.

It isn’t funny when Andrea describes chugging wine from the bottle at the door of the fridge while her husband pulls into the drive way, and it might make you uneasy to think we are making light of that. It was a serious moment, dead serious, but the irony of thinking “I don’t have a problem” in those low moments is crystal clear from the vantage point of recovery and the laughter comes from relief, gratitude, and happiness.

I thought I would never laugh again when I quit drinking.  I thought I would have nothing to say, nothing to celebrate or contribute. I thought life without alcohol would be a death-sentence of boredom and melancholy.

If you need more laughter and truth-telling in your life, check out Andrea’s entire Recovery Series on Your KickAss Life. And don’t forget about The Bubble Hour – a podcast I have been involved in for the past few years. There are 200 episodes in the archives and soon I will be adding more later this month.  (Also if you would like to be a guest I would love to hear from you! Please email thebubblehour @gmail.com and we can set up a time to talk.)

More tomorrow 🙂


  1. I found myself back at square one this morning, so I listened to your podcast and found it hugely helpful and inspirational. Thank you. I’m trying again (again), but I won’t stop trying. Annie x

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  2. You have to laugh. So much of the behavior is just plain ridiculous. At least when you look at it with sober eyes. I’m on day 7. Hope to not be chugging wine from the bottle at the fridge any more.


  3. These posts always seem to come exactly when I need it! Thank you so much! I was just thinking a few hours ago how boring life if going to be now without alcohol (I am currently 10 days sober). This post also reminded me of how I was filling empty wine bottles with water so my husband wouldn’t know how much I had been drinking. I can’t wait until I am able to look back on that and laugh. I finally got the courage to attend AA this week and found that extremely helpful. Anyway, prayers for all of us and thanks again for the wonderful, inspiring posts!!

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  4. Your post reminds me of one of my (so I thought) most crafty ways to drink after work…our local Whole Foods store has a wine & craft beer bar right inside the store. You can shop & drink, or sit at the bar and have a bite of sushi, a cheese platter, or a custom-made sandwich with a glass of wine…so I would stop there after work, and tell my kiddos that I was “grocery shopping”. Then, a few glasses later… I’d text home and say that I “ran into some friends and I’m socializing”. Then to my little addicted-brain’s delight… I discovered that you could buy the wine by the bottle and have them crack it open for you right there…and I thought, “Wow…Not only am I getting my grocery shopping done…I’m drinking economically too!” Soon…I started getting one bottle for the bar, then one for home which I’d sometimes finish and other times not. I drove home after that first bottle quite often.
    Anyway, Jean your post reminded me of how utterly ridiculous my reasoning was then…and thank goodness I don’t do that any longer and I’m sitting here chuckling to myself as I remember it.


  5. I too have the same fears, of living a humorless life or deriving little enjoyment from life without wine. But it is simply not true, however i constantly need to remind myself of this. I found the podcast so funny in that “oh my god that is so me, how ridiculous was I? Haha” And the ability to do that brought such relief. The antidote to sadness and even anxiety is laughter. It might sound cheesy but I truly do believe it, at least it works for me. Thanks so much again and hope you have a great day.

    Onward to day 31.

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