Two Thumbs Flying!

Can you tell that I’m writing super fast? My left thumb is back in action – look at me go! I bet you aren’t even reading as fast as I am writing. 

I’ll make this quick. 

The same two things that have got me through a lot in recovery are now serving me well with this broken leg: gratitude and humour. 

I’m grateful for a zillion things simultaneously: that it was a simple break, that I’m healthy and strong, that we moved our offices home just a few weeks earlier, that my husband is kind, tidy, and can cook. Grateful for the ski patrol who attended me on the hill, splinted my leg and carted me off the mountain on a rescue toboggan. Grateful I didn’t give away those flared jeans. 

Today I was  grateful to find a little package on my doorstep from my sister. She is super crafty and designs her own knitting patterns, so I asked her if she could use her leftover yarn to make me some “toe cosies” for my cast. Socks are hard to get on and blankets hurt my leg and I just wanted a little cover I could pop over my toes when they get cold. I sent her a photo that I found online and she not only improvised the pattern, she made me three of them by the end of the afternoon. 

Toe cosies for cast
My Toe Wardrobe

I couldn’t wait to pop one on and ahhhhhh….warm toes without being squished!

And then my sense of humour kicked in….

Keep smiling, friends. 

And don’t drink!


  1. Love your amazing sense of humor! I too, have a broken limb this winter season from taking a tumble on the ice. It is humbling to have to ask for assistance when I am used to doing everything…. and I mean everything, on my own. God has a funny sense of humor and and sometimes you get just what you asked for. For myself I wanted to have more time to devote to my recovery. Boy, did I get it!!! Along with some new arm hardware. I am now titanium! Ha! I love reading your posts everyday. Helps me with both of my recoveries. : )

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  2. I LOVE your hipster tootsies. And your sister is a peach. It sucks so much that you broke your leg — but I have a lot of gratitude that you are writing every day right now. Because I am rolling this sobriety rock up the hill again, and despite your bum leg, you are mighty strong, helping me push it to the top. DDG


  3. For some reason the picture with the sun glasses and the saying “Keep smiling friends” reminds me of the XX most interesting man in the world. These are the most interesting toes in the world and they say “stay sober my friends!”

    Thanks for the quick bit of humor.


  4. Love the toe cosies….. what a neat idea…. looks good in sunglasses too!  good vibes for quick healing…. LaRita


  5. I was particularly struck that your sister made the toe cosies in three colours… Because there is an opportunity for colour and variety in all situations – if we choose to see it. The sunglasses made me snort, thank you!

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  6. Lol. Love that you keep a sense of humor through all this. I almost had a cast once and started crying until the dr gave me a boot I could take on and off instead. Adding the sunglasses…too cute!


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