This is for anyone who is struggling today…. 

These are the stairs in my house:

I did them several times today on crutches. It’s a pain in the butt, but it is also kind of fun. It’s not forever. It’s just for now. It will get easier.

We can do hard things. 

Whatever you’re up against, be patient. Be in the moment and do what needs to get done. Every day is a little different. Nothing stays the same, so step by step just keep doing the next right thing until you’ve moved past it. 

You’ve got this. 

(Written from my bed…at the top of the stairs.)


  1. Be patient indeed and if you really need to slow it down think about a day at a time or making it through the next few hours. When I gave up I’d try to continually focus on the benefits I’d get like no feelings of embarrassment…and they’d help motivate me through, kept thinking of why i was doing this. I’m sober over 10 years now and it’s a great feeling to be sober so long! James


  2. thank you
    I can’t seem to stop drinking….
    I live in a bizarre state of denial
    Fine all day….then 5 pm hits and somehow a bottle of wine seems ok and I tell myself it is fine. then the morning remorse….this has been the pattern for 2.5 years…you think I would stop, but boom…5 pm…and the other voice shows up….
    thanks for continuing the posts
    I have just discovered Smart Recovery thanks to you as AA is hard for my brain
    I have done the steps, had 2.5 years, didn’t know it would be so hard to get “back”
    thanks for the encouragement


  3. Day 36
    This post is so powerful jean thank you so much. I tackled one of the biggest obstacles yesterday…I made an appointment with a therapist, I start tomorrow. I had some inner dialogue going on and wanted to share with you and others in the event this is something that has come up for others.

    Yesterday was great because i made an appointment with a therapist and for the first time IRL (in real life) verbalized the words I needed to say for a long to time to someone else. It’s at the center or my narrative right now so I have to keep reminding the “pride voice” (yup a new little friend popped up yesterday during that call) of that. It was telling me I knew more than the therapist, the therapist “was talking too much”, she was “getting my narrative wrong”, and she even rolled her eyes when the therapist mentioned something about GMOs. Yup MY pride voice is a little jerk! I am sure she will be around for a while, but it’s ok because I am determined to slay this beast. Another thing that made yesterday great was that i went to two restaurants where people around me were having their drinks, and I was ok! I told a friend I will “skip the drink today but thanks” and the world didn’t end. I was ok, and the mind body split was not as bad. But I think it did happen earlier in the day as I almost hit another car backing out of a parking spot. It was very close call but it didn’t. I reflected in the fact that I was grateful that if it had happened it would not have been because I was drinking (no drink related accidents here so far thankfully, but DUIs were always a big fear of mine and I am lucky I never had one). After the second place yesterday I was super ok, I was with two people one had beer and the other red wine…both my poisons of choice. After that I drove them home and was surprised at the fact that I was disgusted at the smell of red wine in my friends breath after one drink! I can only imagine what my breath smelled like after 4-5, that was another fear the smell of booze on my breath especially the next day—this has origins in my childhood because my father who was an alcoholic would have booze breath the next day after his benders and one of my fears (yes I have a lot of fears) is that I will end up like him. I was also surprised at the lagged reaction of “well maybe in the future…” because no just NO, it’s not just one for me ever and it’s just so much better to go without it. The sneaky “rationale voice” tried but I know she’s getting weaker, I know it’s easier to remain without than it is to moderate (thank my podcast warriors hosts for reminding me of that on the daily) I’ve been trying to moderate for the past 8 years, so NO thank you this is so much better.

    Onward day 36!


  4. I definitely needed some inspiration today. I’m still in early sobriety (10 days now) and have a big writing project I’m working on. It’s a good reminder to take it step by step — or stair by stair in this case — to produce the best product I can. You keep climbing the stairs and I’ll focus on pushing through the paragraphs.

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  5. You go girl climbing those stairs!!!! As always your are such an Inspiration!!!! Glad you are getting better and better each day. Soon you will be back to normal!!💕


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