27 Days On Crutches, 2138 Days Sober 

…and still going strong!

I took a break from blogging to enjoy my grandsons at the ski hill this past weekend. What a treat it is to spend time with little ones! I love the way 2-year-old Calvin says “bo-na-na” for banana and “gii” for ski (both of which he loves). Baby Sam entertained me from his jolly jumper. When the kids were in bed we watched “Eddie the Eagle” – a fun ski movie that took us back to watching the ’88 Winter Olympics from our university basement suite. Good family time all around. 

Today I was craving a new pastime and my kids were kind enough to take me to the mall for my first shopping trip in over 3 weeks. It was a ton of effort just to manoeuvre through the mall on crutches but it felt so great to be out and about. 

We stopped at the craft store to find me a new activity to pass the next two weeks – 16 more days until I walk again!! – and look what I came home with:


Here is my first creation. It’s a delightful pass time. I highly recommend it for those looking for a way to fill your wine-less evening hours. 


  1. Hi there! Glad to hear you are enjoying the grandkids and your jewelry making. I need to pick up a hobby, photography used to be a big one I have a pretty sizable collections of photos I’ve taken that I need to do something with maybe printing and framing them to give as gifts. I also want to take up knitting, maybe I’ll swing by the yarn store this weekend. Just finished a full week back on the grind. Work was/is a biiiiig stressor for me, I’m so glad I don’t have booze to make it worse anymore. That plus therapy and starting to excercise again (yoga and beginners pilates) is really helping. Still get tense but now I am working on building a new repertoire of behaviors to help me cope and relax. Day 51 (almost 52–wow!). Have my moments here and there but really surprised how I’ve managed to tell a couple people that I’m not drinking (“no thanks”, “not drinking today” “oh are you not drinking? No I am not.”) And the sky didn’t fall. The more I say no the easier it gets…Amazing how that happens huh? Next week will be a challenge because I drive home for the weekend (my mother was my trigger, enabler, and biggest critic–second to me in this front), but I have my tools to bring with me. Onward to day 52 (tomorrow).

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  2. Thanks i will be reading and learning – i am scared – but i feel like when i drink i relax – then it gets worse and i want and drink and i don’t… i could check off everyone of your redflags…
    I want peace and relaxation – i don’t know how to achieve this…

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  3. Very nice! I was obsessed with jewelry making a few years ago and I have lots of supplies and beads that I’d be happy to send to you. Now it’s knitting. Love. Knitting.


  4. Soap making. I was all about soap making for at least a solid year. Kind of obsessive. Gave me a creative outlet and busywork for my restless mind as I thought up new scent combinations and molds and packaging. Great fun and need not be too costly.

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