The Adventure Begins

This morning we start our 7 day walking tour through the Cotswolds in England. We’ve been planning this for a year as a celebration of my 50th birthday. After a long day of travel from Canada, we slept for 13 hours under a cloud-like comforter. Here is the view from our first hotel room, which was once a stable:

I was a little worried it would be nothing but pubs for pit stops, but I didn’t realize there’s a tea shop on every corner, too!

Off we go!


  1. That looks like the Lamb Inn, in Burford if I am not mistaken. My husband and I stayed there a few years ago. I remember it being a lovely old hotel.
    Glad you had a great holiday this side of the pond.


  2. I too quit alcohol around the time of turning 50. I’m 53 and a half now – and I feel as if I’m still only at the beginning of my exciting new adventure. So many things that I once overlooked give me pleasure now – going for a walk/run in the great outdoors – feeling calm and contented instead of anxious and impatient – and living in the NOW! And Atomic Momma is SOOO right – 50 IS the new 50!!!!!

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  3. Wonderful pics Jean and thanks so much for sharing! I turn 50 next year and I can’t wait. I’m going to turn 50 SOBER, with gratitude for all I have and celebrating this body and mind of mine by taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually so I can send kindness out into the world to help people. I have made this promise to myself.

    And 50 is the NEW FIFTY. I’m tired of hearing it’s….”the new 40, 30, 30…..” blah blah blah.


  4. I’m with Prim on the kidnapping front – would love to share tea and cake with you in the Uk some time
    Hopefully you’ll love it and come back again soon
    Enjoy the Cotswolds – I love Burton on the water and the Slaughters are nice though can’t Remember which one
    Happy 50th – you’re fab!

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  5. That last comment about the clotted cream was from Sunflower. I am mired in computer problems and neither my e-mail nor my iPad are working properly. Just got a new computer with windows 10 and all seems to be lost.

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  6. What a wonderful respite from the long year you’ve had. Enjoy the trip and the tea, I remember getting a little hooked on something called clotted cream when I was there, basically ice cream in tea!
    Day 343😎

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  7. Enjoy, Jean!
    Please keep the updates coming so I can vacation vicariously!
    I turned 50 in March and somehow it was wonderful. Welcome. I love sobriety.

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  8. When I heard on the Bubble Hour that you were coming to England I immediately started plotting to kidnap you or for you to re-arrange all your plans to come and visit ME… because after all it is all about ME, isn’t it?! Maybe next time 😉

    It’s a wonderful time of year to be in the Cotswolds. Look forward to a succession of tearoom photos! Xx

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