Carry On

Yesterday we walked 8 miles in the rain through fields of cows, past gorgeous old homes, moss covered graveyards, and finally into Stow on the Wold where we spend the night in a 400-year-old inn. 

My recently-broken leg is holding up well. I was limping for the last half mile and needed to rest once we arrived but within an hour I was back out exploring the town. 

A walking tour is a great choice for a sober holiday. We are too tired for much besides supper and a good rest at the end of the day. 

This morning we set out for a second day of walking and promptly got lost, so we turned back and returned to the town square where we bought fresh cheese and bread for a picnic along the path (once we locate it!). Then I suggested we stop at the local coffee shop for the wifi, bathroom and a Flat White before heading out again. Cheers!


  1. That bedroom in the Inn looks so perfect. In fact your entire holiday sounds like an absolute dream. And you deserve it to be amazing Jean for all the great work that you do for so many of us.


  2. I just got back from a self guided walk around the Isle of Wight, and I agree. Walking in England is the perfect sober holiday! Walk, eat, sleep. Enjoy😊

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  3. What a delectably perfect flat white that looks to be. It’s also my coffee of choice. So I’m especially jealous. More importantly, I’m glad you’re healing nicely! Enjoy the countryside.


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