Killin’ It 

Remember six months ago when I broke my leg skiing? Today I walked 25km – the most difficult portion of our week-long walking tour through England’s Cotswolds. Hills, muddy trails, fields of sheep, steps, I did it all. I’m so grateful to be healed and strong again. 

Remember six years ago when I quit drinking and thought vacations would be a drag? We have been smiling and laughing this whole trip. 

Remember six hours ago when my flat iron refuse to work on a converter? Welp, that’s not even bothering me. Look at this picture, wonky hair, no make up, sweaty and full of JOY!! 

If you’re struggling today, keep going. Do the next right thing, and then the next, and then do it some more. Things will get better. I promise. 

PS – We were overtaken by no less than 5 elderly couples today. I’m talking, WHOOSH! Brits are serious walkers, they don’t mess around.  As I watched yet another pair of silver heads bob past us and into the distance,  I remembered “COMPARISON IS THE THEIF OF JOY” and giggled. 

Little lambPoppy among wheat stalksCotswold farm


  1. Love it Jean! The pictures look great and you definitely look like the embodiment of Joy in that picture. I wanted to stay on the theme of 6s. This month I mark my 6 month of sobriety. Six months ago I was trapped in quicksand of alcohol abuse. I was struggling to get out, yet sinking deeper both in despair, hopelessness, powerlessness, and my drinking. It was impossible for me to envision life after drinking, and yet here I am 6 mos and 9 days later. Yes I have my days of irrational “what if I i had just one…” thinking moments, especially now that the warmer days are upon us, but knowing that it’s never just one and my commitment to my sobriety journey, gives more power and control over my life’s path. Today I will continue Killin’ it! Enjoy the rest of your vacation looking forward to seeing more pics!

    Onward, day 189!


  2. Wonderful! I hope to explore the Cotswolds some day, despite already having been to England twice. The thought of missing out on centuries old pubs is still on my mind, despite four years of sobriety. Crazy, right? But of course exploring pubs was a big part of my travels back then, in Scotland too. But on to new adventures sans pubs!!! 😉 Life is so much better these days…


  3. Your trip sounds wonderful. I also like your quote about comparison kills joy. You are so right about that.


  4. “If you’re struggling today, keep going. Do the next right thing…” I am, struggling that is. I did (a right thing: reading sober blogs a lot). I will (do another right thing: go to bed early to skip temptation). Awesome post. Glad you enjoyed the hike.

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  5. I love that quote so much! Comparison is the thief of joy…. I’m going to remember that as a mantra! I often do that out of habit and it never makes me feel good! Thank you for that:)

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