Notice the lack of palm trees in my posts? I decided to cancel my trip to Palm Springs in order to help one of my sons who has suffered a serious neck injury. 

The day after I dropped my husband at the airport – he still went to visit his mom as originally planned – the first winter storm of the season blew in. 

I stayed positive while shovelling and tried not to grumble mentally about the sunshine I was missing. The wind was blowing the snow back faster than I could shovel it and I had to keep circling back to redo sections. Oh Canada!

Later I got this message from my husband, who was checking in on our security cameras and watching my progress:

What can you do but laugh at life’s ironic moments? I could have had a big old pity party, and in truth it was tempting. Worried about our son, sad about the trip, annoyed with the weather….

Learning the power of gratitude is one of the great gifts of recovery. I’m grateful for my strong body, for having a property to shovel, for living in Canada, that my son’s injury will eventually heal fully, that my husband is spending time with his mom, and that I now have a travel credit on Westjet. 

Now where should I go with that….?


  1. I hate snow so much. No one has to shovel rain, which is why I live in the PNW. However, self pity will shovel no snow, so best to get on with it! Also labor takes your mind off of your worries, so good strategy. I hope your son gets better soon, sorry to hear about that.


  2. All of that energy you would have wasted on self-pity – you can put into shovelling 😉 Your texts with your husband made me laugh, thank you!

    Absolutely agree on the focus on gratitude. Your photo made me grateful for our mild English drizzle that I have been bemoaning. I think that gratitude most effective when coupled with extreme self care, so I hope that there are some creamy steaming mugs of hot chocolate and essential oil ceremonies to follow the shovelling.

    As for that airline credit – my vote goes for London….?! Xxx


  3. Sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip. I’m hiding from the snow too and am thankful I have neighbors who are dealing with the shovelling-don’t dare tease them about it! Hopefully you’ll get to use that flight credit soon!

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  4. I hope your son heals quickly!
    I don’t have pity parties as often or as long as I used to!
    I like not having them, just going with what is, accepting, and looking at what I am thankful for!
    PS- I can’t shovel so I am impressed!!
    I live in Minnesota and we get snow too!


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