Meet You at Kripalu!

I will be hosting a 4 day She Recovers Retreat November 11-15, 2018 for women in recovery at Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in beautiful Massachusetts.Jean McCarthy 2018

If you have been feeling isolated and and disconnected in your recovery, this is a perfect way to shift gears. There is an incredible array of activities and sessions to enjoy each and every day, plus beautiful meals and, in the evenings, I will hold a special “sharing circle” just for our group.

As you know, I am a big believer in “patchwork recovery” – meaning we use various methods and modalities to create the perfect fit of recovery for ourselves. The theme of the retreat is “Expand your Recovery Bubble” because during your stay you will no doubt find many new tools and patches to strengthen and refresh your recovery – plus make new friendships and connections along the way.

I hope you will join me!



  1. Thank God I am not alone in the way my body is changing and feeling during menopause, Jean! It’s been incredibly frustrating to deal with the changes and the weight swings even though I eat healthy and stay active. It seems like one day a pair of jeans fits and a week or two later they don’t yet I have not been eating more to justify the changes to my body it’s just that MY BODY IS CHANGING WITH AGE and well it’s pretty damn maddening. It’s hard on my psyche no matter how grateful I am for this body and my health.


  2. I listen to The Bubble Hour all the time in my car, and is my #1 favorite sobriety tool. I live in Massachusetts and am SO EXCITED to see your upcoming retreat here on the East Coast and in my state. Just need to justify the expense of a getaway, however in November it will be my ONE YEAR sober anniversary! This will be my gift to myself! I am 58 and have been a diaily wine drinker each evening like so many of your listeners. Good riddance to that addiction! S


  3. Hi Jean, It would probably be more appropriate if I posted a comment under so many of your other posts, ones that I’ve read many, many, many times, as I have been gearing up to quit my daily wine habit. This gear-up has been a year long, and now it’s time for me to do the next right thing for me: quit drinking. The true extent of my drinking has been my little secret for years. I’m a professional with a graduate degree, a great job and wonderful children and husband. I’m very high-functioning, deeply private and would feel an incredible sense of shame if my unhealthy habit were found out. One day I hope this won’t be the case, that I, too, will be able to share my story with others, especially to those also in recovery. I first found your blog a year ago, and I always pictured myself finally commenting/sharing here when I had a benchmark – 10 days or, wow, even 30 days. I’d finally tell you how much your blog and your story have meant to me. I know your post “How I Knew…” by heart, because it mirrors where I have been for years. But like my drinking habit, I think I have it backwards. I want to tell you today that this is my Day One. I don’t need to figure it out to stop drinking. I need to stop drinking to figure it (me!) out. I canceled clients today, so that I could meander through a grocery store, putting non-wine in my cart. This non-wine is not hidden, a bit out of obvious view from my husband, but sprawled on the kitchen counter. This conspicuous display is for me, personally. I’m smart enough to know (thank you sobriety blogs) I need some support and sooner rather than later, but even to my best friend, my husband, I’m not yet ready to share my secret. There will always be a next girls night out, a next cousin’s wedding, the next park concert. But I hit my mental limit today. I’m so tried of thinking about wine. 15 years of thinking about wine.

    This is much longer than I intended it to be! Thank you so very much for your story and truth. I can’t begin to tell you (this is merely the tippy top!) how helpful I have found it.


  4. Hi Jean, are there other recovery related events in addition to the sharing circle? (Outside of Kirpalu’s standard programming)


    • Hi Mary Grace. The focus on this retreat is to meet other women in recovery (ie our group) and spend the day looking after yourself (via Kripalu offerings like yoga, hiking, speakers, meditation, etc) and meet in the evenings to share our experiences and insights (the circles). It will be a full 4 days!


  5. That sounds very cool….going to have to give it some thought.I was quite intrigued by the LA event,but will be in Europe.Not a bad problem to have, but still, would have been fun to attend.

    One of these days……
    Day747. 🌻


  6. That might have sounded harsh. Please know that I identify more with Amanda than you, Catherine, or Lisa. She is a straight shooter for sure and, damn, girl, I’m all about that.


  7. So, you look great for your age! I’m 55 and know what your age looks like. I’m cute too! Your podcasts are a part of every weekday morning. Love Amanda, but seriously? The chick needs Ritalin. In real life I love her stream of consciousness. For a professional program, she’s a lot.


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