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Good morning from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

Sunrise by Jean McCarthy

Last year I was sitting right here on this couch, writing my morning pages and feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world. Then I looked up and noticed the sunrise.

I jotted this poem into my journal and later published it in The Ember Ever There (

Sunrise poem by Jean McCarthy
Sunrise by Jean McCarthy

Today the moon joined in.

Oh my!

Look up. Beautiful things are unfolding all around you.

P.S. The photo above is right out my window. I stepped outside in my pjs and snapped it with my phone. Canada is beautiful!

Read more about my poetry here.

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  1. I have definitely found such joy in the simple things since starting this journey. The sunrise being one of them. I have somewhat unwittingly become a morning person! 🙂 Lovely post.

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  2. What a beautiful picture and a beautiful poem! Nature scenes are so soothing to my soul. It makes me think a God that can do all that can surely help me stay sober.

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  3. When I went to post, I saw “Leslie March 4th” and was like: “Wait! I haven’t even posted yet”. Two Leslie fans out there!! (just wish I could say “I have a year and a half” of sobriety). For those still trying, don’t ever give up. It’s not too late. Jean: That is wonderful that you caught that morning shot of the mountain, moon and sunrise. Wow. So grateful for all your share. Your poems in the The Ember Ever There bring great comfort to me. Love, Leslie Arnson

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  4. Beautiful poem Jean – thank you for sharing! I sent you a poem several years ago called “Lifting the Fog”. At the time, I was in an abusive marriage and drinking to escape and numb my pain. I would read your blog, stop for a few days – filled with hope… then inevitably go back to a bottle of sadness. Fast forward and I am happily divorced – in a healthy loving relationship – and I stopped drinking a year and a half ago. I woke up one ordinary morning, realized how blessed I am at a second chance in life – and put down booze for good. I have searched high and low and I can’t find that poem I wrote. I would love to read it if you are somehow able to locate it. How far we have come… oh what a difference a year makes! Thank you for everything Jean. You are touching lives, creating joy, sharing hope… making the world a better place. Big (socially distant) hugs.


    • I’ll look for it today! If it was email it might be gone (gmail messages disappear after a few months) but if it was through facebook or another platform, I might have it. Congratulations on your new life! So happy for you!

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