This list is intended to help people who are not in recovery, the supportive friends and family in our lives, be mindful of sober guests during the holiday season and beyond. It is by no means an exhaustive list, merely a starting point for discussion.

You can listen to this list discussed on this week’s episode of The Bubble Hour

Please feel free to screenshot or download and share the image below, as well.

The Bubble Hour podcast is typically directed towards people in recovery, just like this blog, but this particular episode is meant to be shared with others. Listen to it together, pause and chat about the various points. Or, for us more avoidant types, simply forward for solo listening and never discuss but hope for the best (hey, it’s a start!).

Drop a comment below to note your own additions to this list. What helps, what doesn’t, what have you tried and what might you do differently next time?

Finally, hello and a huge THANK YOU to friends and family who are visiting this blog to better understand recovery. Your support is important and meaningful!

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