The week from Christmas to New Years can be an intense stretch. I’m popping in to remind you that you are not alone, not matter how much you may feel like an outsider at times. Also to say if things are great, remember to acknowledge and feel the goodness!

Christmas themed cup of hot chocolate with words of encouragement to stay sober over the holidays: may your celebration be filled with warmth, may you release expectations and minimize resentments, may you remember what your therapist said, may you leave early. @thebubblehour not drinking with you tonight.

Below are some links for UnPickled posts and Bubble Hour shows related to the holidays. If you need a boost, dip in. Otherwise, they’re here on standby. Keep your phone charged and stay connected to your recovery supports.

UnPickled Posts for The Holidays:

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The Bubble Hour Holiday Episodes:

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I wish you all the best. Recovery is better together. I’m honoured to walk this path with you.

Jean McCarthy wearing a grey knit cap holding her dog Scout, a small white schnauzer poodle cross. Behind her is a snow covered mountain scene with pine trees.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my home in snowy Canada!
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