5th Anniversary Giveaway


March 20th is my Sober Anniversary.

I am celebrating 5 YEARS SOBER by giving away some great sober gear, like UnPickled “Sober Pants” (your secret weapon!), a “This is What Recovery Looks Like” pocket mirror, some tank tops (Remarkable and UnPickled) and note cards from my UnPickled Shop, plus some super cool “Sober Cards” courtesy of our friends at Sober City USA.

Enter here – it will come straight to me and no one else will see it. I won’t share your info or use it for other crap. You can enter once a day, and I’ll send out prizes once or twice a week until I run out!





  1. Wow, Jean, congratulations on your anniversary and your recovery! I recently stumbled onto your blog and have skimmed through some of the posts. I’m blown away by how openly you’ve shared your journey and can “see” how much you hope to assist others on their own path to recovery. I’ve been an admirer of yours since our days at HJH and now have one more reason to look up to you. Keep being you – you’re awesome!


    • Thanks for your sweet, supportive comment Shel. The respect and admiration goes both ways. I’ve dropped out of the local spotlight and when I’m asked “Where have you been? What are you doing now?” I smile and say “I have a writing project,” but now you know why there’s a twinkle in my eye. I’m happy you stumbled upon UnPickled – there are no accidents so you’re meant to be here! My posts are mere conversation starters – the true wisdom is in the comments section as readers reflect and connect. Please feel free to share with anyone who this page might help – some say we are all recovering from something!


  2. Happy anniversary Jean you are an inspiration, you have helped me many times and we’ve never even met, how cool is that 🙂


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