Bad News, Good News

The bad news is that I broke my leg  skiing two days ago. I’m okay as long as I lie still with my leg on a pillow. This is not my natural habitat and I’m not sure how I feel about spending the next six weeks in this cast:

The good news, however, is that in an effort to stay occupied/sane I’ve challenged myself to post daily throughout January. 

It’s super cold here in Alberta – my  (bare!) toes were dragging in the snow as I hobbled on my crutches from driveway to house so I’m content to stay indoors until spring thaw. (Do doctors still make house calls? Does Starbucks deliver?) You fine folks shall be my lifeline so I hope for lots of engagement, if you don’t mind.  

Also…I’ve torn up my left hand (Skiiers Thumb) and it’s in a brace so I tapped this entire post on my phone using my right thumb only…..pause for applause….I’m a true blogging warrior. 

It’s quite possible I’m not the first person in history to break a leg, so if any of you have tips or suggestions from your own experience please do share. (See how much sobriety has taught me? I know I’m not alone!)

Goodnight friends. I’ll stay sober with you if you hop on one leg with me. 


About UnPickled

I am learning to walk without the crutch of alcohol. As I begin I am 1 day sober. Gulp. I drank in private and hope to quit just as privately. The purpose of this blog is to help make me accountable - just by following you will give me enormous support and encouragement.

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  1. Sorry to hear your accident. Take good care of yourself and get well soon.


  2. First off, I am sorry you broke your leg! I hope it heals quickly! Second, your pedi looks great! Did you have that before you broke your leg? If so, what good timing! 🙂 xo

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  3. I was on crutches for 8 weeks and 2 things really made it better. One was ordering crutch pads from Amazon. They are foam pads that go over the shoulder and hand areas of the crutches. The padding was much more comfortable than the rubber on the crutches. Second was renting a knee scooter from medical supply store. This made the time I was at home much more bearable as I did not have to use my crutches while I was in the house. It had a little basket on the front so I could carry things with me.

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  4. You should check out It really helped me when I had a broken leg.


    • Thanks, I’ll do that right now! What tricks helped you the most? (I’ve been wearing a yoga top with built-in bra so I can carry things around in it. My husband finds it hilarious as I pull my phone, book, an orange, etc out of my top but it works!)


  5. I have been spending much of this weekend reading old posts and current. I have questioned what kind of life would there be without Wine? Perhaps a full One? Wine makes me gain weight and wine and weight keep me insulated. All this I know. I wake up each day and resolve not to repeat a behavior that does not serve. One day….today.


    • Oh how wonderful, welcome to your new life. It is hard at first but it gets easier and yes, it is a richer, fuller way to be. You deserve this freedom. Do you have a plan for the next few days? Have you built yourself a “bubble” for the witching hour? (A cozy little nest filled with comforts and treats and activities to help pass the time and negate cravings). Change up your routine as much as possible. Try not to do that same old things minus wine – if you used to sit on the sofa and drink wine, sit in a different spot and drink tea. Or go for a walk. Or clean the bathrooms. You’re free, you can do anything! We are all cheering for you. Reach out if you need encouragement.


  6. Just a comment to say I find this post utterly hilarious – I mean really, with just your thumb?? Lol…

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  7. Over here hopping! Kudos on that pedicure though. Even a hobbled girl’s got to look good!

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  8. Jean,
    I hope that your leg heals quickly and I must admit that even though I am sorry for your leg and your immobility I am looking forward to your daily posts.
    This was my 4 th New Years Eve sober and I must admit that I am happy that I chose sober living, it is easy and fun. I had an experience this week where a friend told me she drinks too much and I so happy not to have that anxiety over drinking anymore. She explained how she drinks to numb herself and then has anxiety over drinking too much. I felt so bad for her to be in that place, I am praying that she crosses over to the sober side.
    I’m looking forward to your posts and hope you are not too uncomfortable.


  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your leg! I love to ski as well, and I know that must have been painful. Hopefully the pain is manageable and you are able to care for yourself and allow the others around you to take care of you as well. As many others said, selfishly, I’m very much looking forward to the daily posts. You have been a huge inspiration for me to stop drinking, and only being 10 days into this, every post will help to read! Be easy on yourself as that will allow you to heal more quickly.


  10. Jean – I am so sorry about your injury – but as other posters have noticed “at least” you have a nice pedicure!!
    I am selfishly looking forward to reading you every day! I love how you write, and will look forward to hearing your words of wisdom, and will be a willing cheerleader for you, over the next 6 weeks, as I begin my sober journey (again). I’m on day 5 today, and determined that this is the last time.
    I’ll be with you every day for the next 6 weeks!! And remember, that these things happen for a reason. Maybe you are supposed to Slow Down for a bit (?)
    Take advantage of letting others do for you, what you always do for them!! Chin up :))


    • Thanks, Glenda. I’m “leaning in” to the stillness and finding the gifts. Congrats on Day 5! Doesn’t it feel great to wake up each morning and add to the number of days? You are doing it!


      • Yes- waking up and going to bed are the two best times of the day!!
        You’ll be counting days again, too – till the cast comes off!! If they gave you a date – you can count backwards! Love your “lean in” phrase. Patience & Peace ❤️

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  11. So sorry to hear about your accident. But also so, so happy I found you and your blog. I am on day 2 and comforted by your posts and honesty. I just started the Bubble Hour as well and, for the first time EVER, think I may have found some support to continue. I didn’t really intend to quit drinking as my NY resolution, but I woke up at 5 am on January 1 (not able to sleep, shocking) and found your blog. The more I read, the more I saw myself and more I began to see what a state of denial I have been in for years. I read all day, drank that night and yesterday decided that I needed to stop. But, right now I can only think through one day at a time. I’ve tried before to limit my drinking and stopped here and there for a few days, but never really quit.

    For me right now this online support is vital. I’m just not ready to verbalize a commitment to anyone else – even my hugely supportive husband. Does that seem strange?

    Looking forward to the more frequent posts – especially needed right now!! I hope you feel better and many thanks:-)

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  12. I can’t thank you enough for this great site and all the time and effort you’ve put into it. It has been a huge success factor in my sober journey (111 days AF). I found Unpickled and the Bubble Hour shortly after I started and I know that I would not have gotten this far without them. They’ve been invaluable tools on my sober journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. Isn’t it crazy the curve balls that life throws our way?! On the upside your pedicure is fabulous! ;->


  13. I would suggest putting a sock over those toes. January in Alberta demands warm toes! Sorry to hear about your accident, but I am looking forward to keeping up with your daily blog posts. 😉


  14. Not fun! Heal fast !


  15. Jennifer K. Hall

    So sorry…You must be an excellent skiier; I go down all the easiest hills at the slowest pace possible…it actually hurts my muscles to go so slowly. Love your blog too…thank you!


  16. Ouch!!! I’m so sorry sending you healing vibes! Get a long branch or one of those scratching antena things, I’ve never had a cast but I hear that after a bit the skin starts to really itch. So sorry! Thanks for the generosity to post everyday I look forward to it!


  17. Oh Jean that is a tough call – as always we can choose our response and you sound as if you are choosing brilliantly. Knowing your energy and drive I am sure this will not be easy for you and sometimes you will feel like crashing up a whole department store of crockery in frustration…. Wishing you well and (selfishly?!) looking forward to your posts! Xx


  18. Gosh that must have been some fall. I am so sorry. Skiing falls can HURT. I just got back from skiing and I feared I would return that way or my husband or kids would. We survived it and had a wonderful time luckily.

    I have to tell you – I love your positive spirit. No matter what comes your way you turn it into something positive – helping others. I hope you can still make She Recovers in the Spring in NYC! I live in NYC and would love to connect if you can make it still. Or if you need someone to carry your bag or get around! Feel better Jean.


  19. I am looking forward to your daily blog.

    I just wanted to write and say that I found your blog some time ago and have been reading regularly for a while. I am not an alcoholic, but am struggling with and trying to recover from anorexia. Much of what you write is very relateable. Your blog was the inspiration behind me starting an anorexia recovery blog. Thank you for taking the time to write such thoughtful posts, you always give me hope that change is possible.

    ps. Sorry to hear about your leg, but on the plus side – your nails look fantastic!

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  20. Egad!!! So sorry to hear about this. Although, I’m excited about daily Unpickled posts in January. I’m wishing you speedy healing 🙂


  21. Get well soon… and you’ve confirmed a belief I’ve long held – Skiing is a stupid pastime! 😉


  22. I am so glad you will be blogging every day too, as It may help me get back on the wagon – so close, but yet so far. You are an inspiration!


  23. So sorry to hear about your accident. Poor you! But I am pleased that you will be blogging every day. What a treat – I will check in every day, as I need you, particularly these first few days of my gazillionth attempt. Annie x


  24. Hi, the verry good thing is to read you every day…but I am really sorry for you! When we had problems with with a broken arm, husband,and a broken leg, son,we were recommanded “symphytum” and it was great and the healing was much faster!
    Good luck, big hugs


  25. And I will be reading everyday my friend! XO


  26. Day 3 up, sober and to the gym – I feel wonderful. I’m so sorry about your leg – on a high note your toes look beautifully manicured. I am really glad that you will be posting everyday as the huge response to your new years post has been rolling through my email and really been encouraging. Take care and heal well.

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  27. so sorry for you!
    I will look forward to your daily blog as I am fighting to stay sober and
    I appreciate every word from others choosing this life while my brain screams lies at me

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  28. Barbara Brunlees

    I’m sorry to hear about your fracture. Rotten way to start the year! I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now, but sadly have not been sober for all of the two years. Today is my new day 2. Looking forward to your daily blogs. Might I suggest you rent a knee scooter if there is one available in your area. Much much much better than crutches!

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  29. So sorry to hear you broke your leg. OUCH!!!! I Love that you have a plan to post every day. Doing it with one hand might be a pain. If you need help I am happy to type for you. We just have to set up a time talk. I am in Fairfax, VA. Rest will certainly be important to heal the broken bones. Your pedicure looks fabulous!!! I had a Bunionectomy and the cart really helped me. I do not know if a scoot cart will work for you in the beginning. I also highly recommend Netflix and Ellen. I LOVE ELLEN!!!! Hugs!!!!


  30. Oh no Jean😳, that’s a bummer! It is cold out there, so just stay cuddled up at home and let us be your lifeline for a change.

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  31. Oh No!! Well enjoy being waited on…and you should be lol! Nice pedicure👍. Look forward to your posts

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  32. So sorry for the broken leg! That is something you can put on your list of ” things I have done in sobriety”, as in, handled an injury with grace instead of wine. Your attitude is positive and your game plan is good. I broke my foot about 18 years ago and I have often boasted that I didn’t take any of the painkillers prescribed. Just ibuprofen and a bottle of Chardonnay each night. 🙂 I hope you heal fast and read good reads and realize how much you inspire so many of us on our sober journey.

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  33. Sorry that you broke your leg, but happy that it wasn’t worse!

    Thank you for being a huge part of my recovery, so far. Day 85, and I can honestly say that your voice on The Bubble Hour and your story on the blog are what got me to this point. Thank you!


  34. Oh, no! Sending lots of (fast) healing thoughts, Jean.* Selfishly, I love the idea of you blogging every day, however, let’s hope your right thumb stays carpal-tunnel-free. *smile* I’m inspired by your adventurous spirit, but sorry the body doesn’t always keep up. hee. Rest up! -HM.

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  35. Awe! Bless your heart! Saying a little prayer for you right now! ❤️

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  36. I signed up for this blog last year and didn’t really pay much attention since, reading the odd email notification I would get. I would drink casually, all the while knowing I was just a few drinks away from regret.

    From the period of mid Oct to mid Nov, it was a very difficult time at work and personally. On two occasions I drank too much and hated myself for it. Both were with good friends and I really enjoyed their company until I felt like I ruined it by hitting the bottle too hard. I didn’t mean to, I just did it.

    Since Nov 11, after I told my wife I think I had a problem, I basically cut myself off. Had a family vacation to the Caribbean with my family in November- no drinks. Christmas- no drinks. New Years- no drinks. Now, I can put my kids to bed and alcohol doesn’t cross my mind at all. I have a Perrier. I wake up in the morning and have a buzz knowing that I’m completely sober.

    But it’s hard. Haven’t had the guts to tell my friends (the same ones that caused me to stop) or family, I just come up with reasons why I can’t (losing weight, meetings the next morning, etc). I think over time I’ll get there but because I can’t always have an excuse, I will need to tell them.

    From the outside in, to many it appears I have it all- great job, great house, great wife and kids. Little do they know I have my own struggles.

    Anyways, I’m reading these posts again after almost 8 weeks of sobriety, thinking that I’m doing it. I’ve never done this and I should have done it 15yrs ago. The key difference was telling my wife, and asking her to keep me accountable because I couldn’t do it myself.

    So, I’m here with you.

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  37. Feel better! Sending good thoughts your way!

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  38. just want to clarify that my “like” was that you would be posting everyday…not the broken leg!! impressed with your thumb typing skills LOL sending you hugs:)

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  39. Oh my, oh my!!!! At least the toes look nice! Gotta find the positive.

    It’s only my second day sober, so I think the daily posts will be great for me. It will help keep me honest through January at least. Looking forward to the interaction and hope somehow you get some good out of a bummer of a situation.

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  40. I’m so sorry to hear! I fractured my knee cap last fall and was in a full leg brace for six weeks. I live in a major city, didn’t miss a day of week, and found that there was something to learn about needing to take everything slow. I found people were extremely kind and thoughtful in a way I hadn’t experienced before and that you just have to give into to new (brief) normal of limited abilities. I started out strong, but about 4 weeks in, definitely used some choice words for my leg brace as I tried to sleep in the same position every night. Like everything, it was an experience of growth, though not always shiny and fun. You’ve got this!

    And just so you know, I’ve been thinking of you all day, as I am working through my current area of growth (getting unpickled), and feeling super grateful for your voice in my head. Thank you for what you give.


    • YOU DIDNT MISS A DAY OF WORK?! That’s impressive! I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that though, okay. I’m totally cutting back on work for now. Glad you’re here and getting unpickled yourself – life is too short to spend it in a haze.


      • Well, not the best decision in retrospect … and did I mention third floor apartment?! I highly recommend taking as much time as you can to let yourself heal. Sending light and healing!


  41. If I had to choose a month to stay indoors in Alberta, it would surely be January! Good luck and thank you for your perseverance in posting – your misfortune is our gain, although that doesn’t sound like a polite thing to say! I work in orthopaedics – the first few weeks are the toughest and then the pain eases as the swellling goes down and the bones start to knit. Hope you have Netflix! Best regards and healing vibes to you.


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