New Bubble Hour Episode

No time to write a post tonight as I was busy interviewing ELLIE as my guest on The Bubble Hour! The Hour flew by. Have a listen. I hope you enjoy it:


  1. Thank-you so much Jean and Ellie,what a wonderful show. In particular, Ellie’s comment on how long we allow hurt to “own” us is up to us. I never really thought of it in those terms. Major breakthrough ! You’ve given me ( and 79,000 others ) so much food for thought today!


  2. Such a great podcast. I love all this “mom-in-recovery-and-mental-health” conversation. As a neurofeedback clinician & recovery coach I see this time and time again. It’s incredibly inspiring to have Ellie share all of her private journey. Great start to the new year.

    See you In NYC in May, by the way.
    Until then, I’ll be “living in the gray” with you gals.
    much love, Lisa


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