Nine years of UnPickled Blog!

Whoosh. Nine years.

Nine years of freedom, growth, learning, connections and healing.

Nine years without alcohol, the crutch that became a foe.

Nine years of writing about it, listening and learning, sharing my truth and holding space for yours.

Nine years of waving the lantern so other others might find their way.

It sounds like a long time but feels like a blink. I’m a heartbeat away from that first day; a burning in my chest returns the instant I remember the awakening moment of knowing for certain that IT WAS TIME.

Here’s to everyone who follows the call to radical change – whatever it is – and steps bravely into the unknown. Here’s to anyone willing to dismantle the decades-old armour and explore the human inside; to stand in light and truth, exposed in earnest vulnerability.

Here’s to all of us…..