Jean McCarthy’s appearance on Living Sober, hosted by Lotta Dann of Mrs. D is Going Without

Believe it or not, after more than a decade of online friendship and several podcast interviews together, this week’s appearance on Living Sober was the first time Lotta and I actually spoke face-to-face (via video, that is. We have yet to meet in-person but hopefully will one day!).

I’m pleased to share the video with you here and invite you to poke around the Living Sober website – it’s an excellent resource and community.

Lotta and I entered the online recovery arena back in 2011, anonymously and from separate corners of the world. She blogged about recovery from New Zealand on Mrs. D is Going Without while I wrote UnPickled in Canada. Since then, we have each gone on to embrace various forms of service and advocacy, became more public about our identities when the time felt right, and using our platforms to connect people around the world. We have also become dear friends from afar.

I hope you enjoy our conversation! See below for book links, too.

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