Happy Trails

Oh the simple life. Crawling into our cozy van-bed with a book, quickly drifting to sleep and clocking a miraculous ten hours of deep rest, night after night. Amazing! I rarely sleep longer than seven hours a night at home. How is this even possible?

Our daily adventures look something like this: a gorgeous drive, a good meal, a pretty campsite, a nice walk, a deep sleep, morning coffee, repeat.

A cartwheel on the beach…and a hike through the forest at Porpoise Bay…No make up for days on end! I literally have not gone a week without makeup since I started wearing it (hiding behind it) in the 7th grade.

There is a lot to be said for breaking routine and doing things differently. I realize how stuck in my ways I am at home – from morning coffee to bedtime tea. Being overly entrenched in routine is how I got stuck in the wine loop, and then I leveraged routine to break free.

I’m far from a “Free Spirit” (as our van boasts) but I am embracing this version of freedom on our vacation. It’s nice to know I can do this, to just *be* and just *enjoy*.


    • I totally get it. You have to re-learn to enjoy other things again. Our brain has been trained to see alcohol as the only reward, but there are so many other lovely indulgences and stress relievers. It takes time.


    • I know it’s going to kill my sleep, make me irritable, wreck my next morning/day, and overall make me feel yuck. I find exercise or tea and meditation are much better ways of coping for me and they only have really positive side effects. It’s a feel good decision.


  1. Oh Jean!! I need to do this too!! This journey has taught me that “doing things differently” or “breaking routine” is good for my soul!! Carry on my friend!

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