Forest of Thoughts

On a quiet walk in the woods of Qualicum Beach this morning, I saw a tree growing on top of an old stump.

I reflected on the ability of one life to fuel the next. Again and again it appeared, new growth sprouting from the decaying past.

Some of us push away our past, hoping to deny or overcome the things we’d rather forget. But maybe we can instead embrace it, not erase it, and use it to fuel our futures.


  1. This is perfect timing for me. Yesterday, my husband and I went hiking for the first time this spring, and the devastation of last year’s storm were everywhere. The tornados and high winds brought down thousands of trees, and our favorite hiking path looked like a wasteland. But your photos are beautiful. A few years from now, and we’ll have life springing from all those fallen trees.
    So I’m seeing the past as mulch. šŸ˜€

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