Announcing the Newest UnPickled Book!

It’s gone pretty quiet here on UnPickled Blog and The Bubble Hour podcast as I’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing Season 10 of the podcast and finishing my latest book. The new book is out now and I’m so excited to share it with all of you.

A few years back I wrote a post about the stages of change: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenence. Most of us spend a looooong time thinking about quitting before we take the leap and quit for good. What if that time frame was used to plant seeds for future success?

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UnPickled Prepare to be Alcohol-Free: Tips and Insights to Ease the Transition helps those who are in the contemplation and preparation stages develop strategies, awareness and tools in advance. The book is also helpful for anyone who is trying to quit but constantly stumbling. There’s nothing else like this resource – we are onto something here, my friends!

Giving up alcohol is simple, but it’s not easy. Unexpected challenges can blindside you. Be prepared! UnPickled Prepare to be Alcohol-Free equips you for the changes ahead, making it easier to become a non-drinker. Learn common pitfalls and strategies to navigate problems you might encounter. Set yourself up for success with practical, preventative ways to adjust your home environment, handle awkward social situations, build new patterns, and manage triggers.

Reading UnPickled Prepare to be Alcohol-Free is useful for friends and family of people in recovery, as an eye-opener to the many unexpected challenges that newly sober people encounter.


scroll to the bottom of this post to see two video messages I recorded for you while walking in the woods this weekend


  1. Thank you as always Jean! You were one of my first ‘tools’ in my amazing toolkit – and it feels SO AWESOME to revisit here and listen to your voice once again!

    I love the snowy well-trodden path analogy, and it is absolutely right – we can try and do our own things but there is nothing like following those who have been before us to shine the light forward. I feel as though I get stuck on the path sometimes (and even take a look backwards) but when I reach out and reconnect with leaders such as you – I feel safe again and push on through with sober momentum once more!

    Thank you again for always being part of my journey,
    From Glynis – Australia
    P.S. I love, love, LOVE your hair like that! 🙂

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  2. Jean.
    Perfect timing.
    Right now, winter transitioning into spring, is a perfect time to understand YOUR analogy of being curious and following a well trodden path on snow through the woods. Path solid under our feet. Ah-ha moments as we turn corners getting glimpses of hope as the hold of winter lets go allowing water to flow freely in creeks.

    “Squirrel”, my attention gets diverted, I veer off the path thinking I’ve got this, I don’t bother to take my snowshoes off my pack, my tools are neglected, I think I don’t need them, I keep crashing through the snow, sweating, floundering too lost in the moment. I’m not supported over here. I’m too tired to make rational decisions, I haven’t following through with the commitment that I made to myself to use my tools and I feel shame.

    But, if I turn around, place my feet in the holes I’ve just made it gets easier, finding my way back to the path that those before have nurtured, ironed out the rough edges, who lead by example making way for all, to become sober curious. Maybe one day, once the snow off the path has become solid again, I can venture out, make my own path, move in a different direction and create new ways for all to follow safe, supported and confidant in the realization that we don’t need alcohol to make us whole.

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    • That was beautifully written Monique – and oh so true! Thank you for your interpretation of what Recovery feels like.

      From Glynis – Australia

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