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I’ve been conspicously absent from UnPickled Blog these past months, but for good reason. (Don’t worry – still sober!) I was consumed by a special recovery-focused project that went from big to huge to massive.

You may know that I’ve hosted a recovery podcast called The Bubble Hour for many years. Last year, The Bubble Hour hit some big milestones: 4 million downloads, 350 episodes, and a 10th birthday looming. Plus the show is now ranked in the top 0.5% globally – outpacing nearly 3,000,000 other podcasts worldwide!

I always wanted to end the podcast on a high note, and so decided that the tenth season would be the last. Still, I wanted to find a truly special way to say goodybye and thank you to listeners.

How could I ever wrap up the whole experience in a way that honoured the magic of the past decade?

It took months of intensive, painstaking work but the finished product(s) are worth all the effort.

I’m excited to finally announce three *big* things:

The Final Season of The Bubble Hour Podcast is now available
(and it’s great!)

A new Bubble Hour BOOK
(also great!)

and a spin-off podcast called Tiny Bubbles
(you guessed it…yep, it’s great, too!)

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A Documentary:

Author Jean McCarthy wearing glasses and a black shirt holding three copies of the book "Take Good Care"

I chose to create a ten-part documentary to look back over the history of the show, paying homage to the hosts, guests, and listeners–all of whom made the show what it is. This turned out to be a huge task. Combing through hundreds of hours of audio archives to create Season Ten was an enormous job, but it was a labor of love. Listen to The Bubble Hour FINAL SEASON here

Even if you’ve never heard The Bubble Hour, I guarantee you’ll enjoy Season 10 as a stand-alone documentary about the evolution of recovery resources and online support for all pathways to sobriety.

A Book:

I also created a special book of recovery readings based on The Bubble Hour. The book is called Take Good Care and it’s available on Amazon worldwide. The book is absolutely beautiful and I poured my heart into making it feel as special as the podcast. Enjoy inspiring reading and reflections about life after alcohol. This book is a compilation of messages and insights I gathered from interviewing hundreds of people in recovery.

And a New Podcast!

Finally, after condensing 350+ hours of audio into a documentary and book, there was still hundreds of hours of amazing recovery inspiration in the archives. I decided to breath new life into those incredible conversations by highlighting them in a new podcast called Tiny Bubbles, 15-minutes of recovery inspiration from the Bubble Hour archives.

So my friends, that’s what’s new with me. I love how my sober lifestyle gives me so much capacity to create and learn. I am so very proud of these new offerings, and I hope you’ll find them useful resources for your own recovery.

Before you go….a few quick things:

Listen to this! This week I was interviewed on a new recovery podcast that you’ll enjoy. It’s called Sober Friends Podcast and we talked about my story and why I decided to end my podcast now.

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